Terms & Conditions

Original Artwork:

Each piece on display is unique. If a piece is recently sold, "Sold Out" will appear next to the listing. The artwork cannot be reproduced, to guarantee the integrity of our originals.


After entering your personal information and confirmation of the order, different payment options are offered:

  • Paypal (Via Paypal account or by credit card)
  • Direct Bank Transfer
In the case of direct bank transfer, we will provide our company RIB.


After order confirmation, the artwork will be recovered from the artist and sent directly to your chosen destination. Shipping time will be indicated when ordering and will vary depending on the country of delivery.


Your satisfaction is our priority. You will have 14 days after confirmation of receipt by the delivery company to file a return request. Following it, no fee will be charged. We will arrange to contact the delivery company as soon as possible, to ensure prompt return.


We are committed to ensuring you receive your artwork in perfect condition. If after the receipt of your purchase, you notice any defects (breakage, wear, damage, deterioration), you must contact us before a period of 14 days. Insurance will be provided free, up to €1000. If the value of the content is greater than €1000, insurance will be 1% of the declared value. Insurance covers 100% in case of loss or damage. If your purchase is not delivered or if there is an error in the product or delivery, please contact us. We will resolve any issues you may encounter.