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Raphael Fédérici
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Raphael Fédérici is a visual artist also known under the nickname Paris Sketch Culture (PSC).
Born in 1986, he is living and working in Paris as a designer and artistic director.
After studying product design, and working in textiles and in advertising, he specializes in
the world of graphics and Tattoo art.

Involved in the world of tattoo and fashion, it combines these two disciplines exploiting
various media. It boasts of Generation Y, and seeks to be spokesman of this generation.

It seeks to confront, and merge, the antagonism of street art and the world of luxury, mixing
techniques such as collage, painting, leather wood, etc ...

He took the very nature of his work of urban artist to mix the techniques belonging to more
contemporary art. Using the most valuable tools such as oil painting, woodcut, skin paint.
He confronts the techniques called "noble", to serve as a message more "underground" and
give birth to a new mix of the essence, which basically defines as an artist born in the late

His messages are often at first, humorous, cheerful and sarcastic, but second reading,
carriers and whistleblowers subversive messages. He claims his art to be urban art,
combining illustration, graphic design, painting, comics, and other forms useful art form
to manufacture his universe.

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Gallery large 17fd1bb9e8
Quintessence Cotton Canvas - Oil paint - Acrylic 100x100 cm
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