About Us


The idea of a virtual artistic platform was born following a discussion with an art lover and much personal reflection. Artistic creation is constantly renewal and inexhaustible: in this it offers diverse possibilities to enjoy original work both publicly and in the private space. To own an artwork is a pledge of contentment.
Meanwhile, art galleries, because of their administrative structure, are forced to submit artists to certain conditions.
A new generation of artists is no longer comfortable with this system. They seek creative independence, but still crave wide-spread exposure.
Free creation spaces, like abandoned building or artistic squats, are filled with this energy.
Through many discussions with young artists or exhibitors in art galleries, we became aware of the difficulty of living for a passion and of getting to be known.
EFERYA is an innovative answer to these problematics.

Why ?

Art has always been a way to express, to build, to identify – ourselves and in our links with others.
Young artists should be empowered to exhibit freely, and to live from their passionate endeavors while remaining independent.


EFERYA is an internationally-oriented virtual exhibition platform which provides the visibility for artists to be truly recognized.
We promote artists. We help them to build their careers whilst guaranteeing their freedoms.
To this end, we encourage the creation of direct links between the artists and the collectors interested in discovering them.
We believe that restoring this relationship is fundamental. All artworks we exhibit are original pieces, and come with accompanying documentation, including certificates of authenticity.
We provide career management for our artists, enabling them to focus on their creative process. We also facilitate commissioned work.
At present, we work across European and Chinese markets. Soon, we will expand throughout North and Latin America.
For French buyers, professionals, independents and business leaders, a leasing service (see “Leasing” tab on our website) delivers legal tax exemptions.

Youth is no shortage of inspiration !